The truth to know about frozen food before rumors of cancer, toxic infections …

Fish meat is “cold”, the nutrient is poor, “appearance” is also unsightly, but there is no problem about safety.

PV: Sir, my work is very busy, often going back to work late. In order to avoid buying food from the market at the end of the afternoon, all the rancid goods, I often buy fresh food once a week, then store it in the freezer. My husband suggested, it is possible to buy frozen goods safely, but what do I find are different?

Specialist Vu The Thanh: Frozen fish meat from the supermarket is completely fresh fish bought from the market and put in the freezer compartment, though both are frozen.

Frozen meat bought outside the supermarket is a quick freeze, which means quick freezing. Food is cooled very quickly so that the center of the meat is cold at around -20 degrees. After that, store frozen at -16 degrees. It is also the temperature of the freezer at home.

And fresh fish meat brought to the freezer of the refrigerator is slow. It took a whole day, depending on the size of big or small, the piece of meat and new fish froze.

At -15 degrees, there are no microorganisms, from bacteria, to yeast, mold … can grow well, so frozen goods are considered quite safe.

PV: As I understand, fast and slow, the difference in the way, the rest of the meat, the fish is frozen. But at a temperature of -15 degrees as you say, no bacteria can grow. So, the safety is the same, right?

Vu The Thanh expert: It is true that the freezing or freezing is slow, the safety is the same, if the meat before being frozen, it will be cleaned equally. But the quality is poor, it is very different.

Meat slows down, as when you buy fresh fish meat, put out the freezer of the refrigerator to freeze, lasting for the whole day, then the ice crystals have a big development condition. Big, sharp crystals will stab the cell membrane, so when thawed, food will lose a lot of natural juice, poor nutrition, fish meat becomes tough and bland.

As for fast frozen goods, ie freezing, the temperature is lowered quickly so that the meat center reaches -18 degrees as soon as possible. Want to cool quickly, the temperature of the freezer must be -40 degrees. This is only possible at the factory.

The faster the cooling time is, the less ice crystals in the food cannot grow, so when thawing, “less juice” is lost, the quality of fish meat is closer to fresh.

Almost like, meaning never equal to fresh fish meat. Therefore, the quality of frozen goods depends very much on the freezer. The faster the cooling device, the more expensive it is.

PV: Reportedly, frozen food for too long will accumulate pathogens, which include bacteria, viruses, toxic substances … which will cause illness in the body. Is this true, sir?

Expert Vu The Thanh: This is not true. I repeat, at -15 degrees, no microorganisms, from bacteria, yeast, to mold … can grow well.

Microorganisms temporarily stop developing, not dying. But when thawed, at the right temperature, they resurrected and continued to proliferate. Therefore, frozen food is considered safe only if the processing stage at the factory is cleaned, disinfected, microbiologically controlled … well before it is frozen.

Interestingly, many types of helminth larvae have follicles (bags) that protect against heat quite well, but have not been heated yet, but suffer very poorly. Anisakis worm, for example. Smoked, dried, squeezed lemon, pickled vinegar, dipped mustard … they were fine, but it was frozen to death.

Therefore, if you want to eat fish salad, you should use frozen fish. But eating frozen goods is nothing but fish salad. Tragedy there!

PV: The report said a study in Nigeria showed that frozen foods, especially frozen meat, contained highly carcinogenic toxins, because freezing too long caused food to degrade and “infect”. Cancer-causing toxins. If this information is true, why can say frozen food is safe, sir?

Specialist Vu The Thanh: I have not heard that frozen meat generates toxins causing cancer due to storage for too long. Need to clarify, have toxins before freezing or not.

Frozen meat is stored for a long time, it is true that there is a change in quality, but not related to safety.

With frozen fish meat, it is protein denaturation during freezing, especially freezing. For example, -12 or -14 degrees Celsius, myosin, a muscle-based protein, will precipitate and wash away when defrosting, leading to other nutrients. Consequently, the sweetness of meat will be poor.

In fish fat, oxidation still occurs, but very slowly. Oily also increases with the freezing space. Therefore, frozen fish meat in the freezer compartment does not mean there is an endless lifespan.

PV: I not only think about safety, but also care about the nutrition of food. Meat, grouper is stored for a long time, will it lose nutrients?

Specialist Vu The Thanh: With fish meat, the vitamins A and B are little lost, but vitamins C and E lose quite a bit when frozen in meat.

A few points of interest, the moisture content in the freezing environment is lower than the moisture content in the food, so the water will escape from the meat when it is frozen, making the fish meat dry and tough. From the specialty called “freezer burn”.

The “cold burning” further promotes oil oxidation and protein denaturation. This dehydration also causes changes in the hemoglobin and myoglobin pigments in the flesh, causing the color of the product to become darker and pale.

Fish meat is “cold”, the nutrient is poor, “appearance” is also unsightly, but there is no problem about safety.

PV: Sometimes, I see in the supermarket there are also frozen vegetables and fruits. But the vegetables and fruits of the winter level are probably gone, right? Is nutrient loss?

Vu The Thanh expert: Frozen vegetables and fruits are much more pleasant than fish meat. Many studies show that there is no difference in nutrients, namely vitamins A, C and B9 compared to fresh products bought in the market.

In terms of deliciousness, frozen shrimp and shrimps taste tasting as soon as possible, but it is difficult to distinguish with vegetables.

PV: So, how much is the best time to use since freezing?

Specialist Vu The Thanh: Depending on the type of goods, good packing and freezing, the life of frozen goods is 1-2 years, sometimes longer.

With frozen fish, you should buy new products, about 6-8 months, from the date of manufacture, it is relatively stable in terms of quality. I want to talk about the deliciousness and nutrition of the meat, but it is safe if there is no problem.

But also note, frozen goods purchased must be preserved in the freezer compartment, not in the cool compartment. In supermarkets, frozen goods fillet fish, shrimp, seafood hotpot … are kept in a refrigerator in the form of a refrigerator, not in the cooling compartment (displaying sausage, silk ball, ham …). Ideally, you should read the storage conditions on the label.

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