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Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition VIETFISH 2019


We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our guests, visitors, customers and Sai Thanh Foods’ members that helped and supported us to have great time at Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition 2019 (Vietfish 2019).

The exibition gathered more than 340 exhibitors from 15 countries around the world such as South Korea, Japan, Germany, Singapore, China, Taiwan etc. Carrying the message “ASIA’S HOME OF SEAFOODS”, the exhibition went well in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)at the end of August, 2019. This is a great platform and helpful playground for Vietnam fisheries professionals and stakeholders.

The fisheries international exhibition 2019 is organized in the context of booming development of Vietnam fishery sector. The market has seen diversity of products and services, continuous updates of latest technologies and constant and stable growth rate over years. As reported by Directorate of Fisheries, the fishery export value in 2018 was nearly USD 9 billion (accounting for 22.5% of total export of Agriculture Sector). Vietnam fishery products have been exported to more than 170 markets via over 600 fishery processing and export enterprises which created jobs for about 5 million labors. This has placed Vietnam among the world’s top fishery exporting countries. Such impressive development and tireless efforts are foundation for sustainable development. It can be said that the organization of international fishery exhibition in Vietnam is also an important basis for fishery sector and both domestic and international enterprises to connect and boost up development of Vietnam fisheries.

Carrying the message and mission of “Asia’s Home of Seafood”, the exhibition will provide a professional even and a big playground which gathers all the best of Vietnam fishery sector and be a place whereimporters can source diverse products of top quality, connect, exchange and share experience with successful entrepreneurs in fisheries sector. With 374 booths, 233 exhibitors, Vietfish has become a source of values for enterprises: new partners, new suppliers, new technologies and knowledge etc. as well as a source of healthy and quality products from the national and international biggest and most reputable fishery enterprises.

Saying about Fisheries International Exhibition 2019–Chairman of Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) shared that: “Apart from growing as expected, positioning Vietnam fisheries in the world market has seen positive progress. Vietnam fishery products have earned increasing appreciation from consumers around the world thanks to stable supply and food hygiene and safety. Therefore, maintaining and promoting VIETFISH to become a trade fair that connect Vietnamese enterprises and the world is the top goal and requires great efforts of the organizers. Hopefully we will be able to promote VIETFISH brand so that when mentioning VIETFISH, all people will think of the only fishery international exhibition in Vietnam which provide health-conscious and quality fishery products from the national and international biggest and most reputable fishery enterprises, contributing to the development and elevation of Vietnam fishery sector.

By the way, we would like to say a big thanks to our guest, customers and Sai Thanh members again. Wish you are always happy, successful in your life and career.

Hope you will always support for Sai Thanh Foods and see you again in the next exibitions.


Sai Thanh Team.

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